The idea for FRESCOS NATURALES happened where so many other great ideas have taken place: in the kitchen. Juan was preparing lunch for his then-teenage son, Joaquin, and–of course–made a fresh batch of rosa de jamaica (hibiscus) for him to drink. Joaquin, who had just returned sweating from a day of skateboarding and pounded a pint of jamaica, said to his dad: “You know what you should bottle? This stuff!” And for Juan, that’s when it clicked! It made so much sense, markets are saturated with so many processed drinks that are high in sugar and contain so many artificial ingredients. But Juan grew up in Guatemala drinking refrescos made fresh at home with just three ingredients: water, fruit/grains/seeds or flowers, and just a tad of sugar! Refreshing and healthy! 

In 2018, Juan began selling rosa de jamaica at the local farmers’ markets. People loved it! Having confirmed people’s interest, and knowing the massive size and under-served Latinx market, Juan set out to develop more flavors. FRESCOS NATURALES now has six flavors and has innovated the market by adding slight carbonation. 

Partner and brother-in-law, Sebastián also grew up drinking natural refrescos, or jugos, as they call them in his native Peru. Sebastián is the artistic director of Frescos Naturales and has led the way in developing the look of our brand. Using bright colors and presenting the flavor names in Spanish is a way to pay homage to our Latin American roots. This is a Latino-owned beverage company that is proud of its heritage and wants to share these delicious drinks with you. We hope you enjoy them!